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Monday, February 2, 2015

Hollis Explorer Rebreather Presentation

Hollis Explorer

Is the future there?


Yesterday we witnessed a glimpse of the future of recreational scuba diving. Representatives of Hollis including engineer and technician Stelios Papazoglou, Diving Instructor Rebreather Trainer Giorgos Vandoros and Tzanoudakis Company invited us along with most members of the professional diving community of Northern Greece to present a new rebreather, the Hollis Explorer Semiclosed Rebreather. The history of Rebreathers, of Hollis and meticulous description of the specifications of the apparatus comprised the presentations and a display of the assembly and disassembly of the device was the cherry on top of the cake.
This new piece of equipment combines the electronic control systems of closed circuit Rebreathers with the risk free single gas configuration of semi closed Rebreathers and open circuit diving. State of the art electronics eliminate the usual rebreather risks and take the load of continuous measurements off the diver who can just enjoy the extended bottom time.

I can well imagine myself preparing this sports car-like designed device and diving 2 full hours, exploring every detail of dive sites I needed 2 or 3 dives to see. And all this with a 5 liter Nitrox bottle which turns into an open circuit bailout with a simple switch and no extra second stage. The 3 oxygen sensors make sure I get the oxygen I need. On top of this, the monitoring digital interface looks better than a fighter aircraft display! The designer had built the amazing VR3 computer and integrated the technology in the colour display. Even the 5 minute per dive check is fun, reminding you of the adventure diving is. On the downside it costs more than the usual scuba gear to buy and to service.

May be it is time to open our minds and trust new developments in technology. Safety, comfort, better interaction with marine life( no bubbles ) and all this in a science fiction design. Phones, computing, cars, even reading is digital nowadays. Can diving evolve as well? It looks this way.

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