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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Sea Slug Pleurobranchus Testudinarious from Halkidiki Greece

                   Pleurobranchus Testudinarious

 A rather large sea slug, also called turtle snail, 20cm average, carnivorous mollusk almost always found  between 8 to 25 meters deep. It has been so far recorded all over the mediterranean sea, in France, Turkey and Italy etc.We have been seeing Pleurobranchus Testudinarius since 2011 from middle of June till the end of July, usually in the West part of Ammouliani Halkidiki, in the grass or crawling
on the rocks. When we notice one sea slug, somewhere around there is also usually a second.. Named for its shield-like polygonal formations on its back, (which look like the Roman legions' battle formations covered with shields) it has beautiful colour variations (yellow, red, brown) and characteristic   tubercles. Underwater photos by Yiannis Iliopoulos. 
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