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Friday, January 23, 2015

Explore Scuba Diving in Halkidiki Greece

Discover the underwater world in Halkidiki Greece

More than 12 dive sites in Athos Peninsula

Diving in Halkidiki an amazing experience!!

The peninsula of Halkidiki creates amazing underwater slopes with crests and crevices filled with marine life of sizes and colors unique to this small corner. Currents are mild or non existent so prepare for relaxed dives any time of the day with visibility exceeding 30 meters!
Watching colorful rocks full of flower corals, tube, branching and massive sponges, sea slugs, mediterranean fish passing in front of our eyes.. Jacks,  sea breams, sea basses, wrasses, reef fish, scorpions e.t.c all live or pass on their way hunting!! Snake like bodies, mediterranean morays, european congers relax in the day time in their houses, watch us passing by, and let us admire of their natural beauty!!!

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  1. Nice Post! I am traveling to Greece with some of my friends on Greece Visa UK. We are looking for some astounding Scuba diving sites in Greece. I guess Halkidiki has successfully moved to our bucket-list. Thanks for sharing about this amazing place.